The Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries (ACM) Department serves as the ecclesiastical endorsing agency for the General Conference and North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  As the denomination’s liaison with ecclesiastical, government and professional organizations, ACM assists qualified Adventist clergy to transition from pastoral ministry into the chaplaincy ministries of campus, community, corrections, health care, military, and the work place.  The qualifications required to become a chaplain are church membership in regular standing, holding a current denominational commissioned or ministerial license, meeting all requirements of the employing agency and obtaining ecclesiastical endorsement from the ACM Committee.

Also under the ACM umbrella are chaplain associations for the various chaplaincies. ACM conducts an annual training conference for each association, provides chaplains with resource materials and represents their interests. Assistant ACM Directors work as Field Representatives of the ACM Department throughout the North American Division.  They are ordained ministers (chaplains) who extend the reach of the ACM Department, promote its vision and help accomplish its mission.  They inform Adventist students, church members, pastors and leaders about chaplain opportunities and military-related issues by visits to campuses, young adult groups, clergy training conferences, etc.

For further information about chaplaincy ministries, ecclesiastical endorsement, the application process, questions about public or military service, and assistance with accommodation of religious practice, ACM can be contacted via:


9705 Patuxent Woods Drive

Columbia, MD 21046



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