Campus Chaplains minister on church and public-school campuses, inspiring Adventist, and non-Adventist youth to integrate faith and learning.

Community and Specialized Ministries

Community chaplains minister in the following areas of the community: fire departments, airports, legislature, search and rescue, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), corporate and Sports


Correctional chaplains minister in prisons and other correctional facilities , providing pastoral counseling, religious teaching and facilitate denominational worship services.

Health Care and VA

Health Care chaplains minister to patients in a variety of settings including hospitals, clinics. Long-term care facilities , and hospices.


Military chaplains minister in the armed forces serving both God and Country, in times of war and peace. (Active duty, national guard and reserve.)

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Chaplains provide emotional, moral and spiritual support to members of law enforcement, staff and their families.

If you are seeking endorsement as a chaplain, click on and create a user account through the NAD Chaplains Portal.